BLSS – Business & Legal Support Services Inc. (“BLSS”) is a specialized corporate/commercial law clerk service exclusively for businesses, lawyers and law firms.

BLSS offers the legal profession a wide range of corporate/commercial law clerk services based on your  needs and on a cost-effective basis. We are qualified, experienced law clerks who understand the needs and requirements of the legal profession.  We are always up to date on the most recent regulations and requirements of the Corporations Business Act.

Management Team

Robin Rodenhouse

 is an experienced senior law clerk in the fields of Corporate/Business Law, Estate and Estate Planning Law. Robin has worked closely with lawyers in drafting documents for many share and asset purchase and sale transactions, including commercial financing, from the LOI, to drafting the Purchase Agreement, closing agenda, and closing documents as well as assisting in the drafting of many shareholder agreements, option agreement, franchise agreement. She has over 25 years of experience in assisting and managing small to medium size firms, new lawyers just starting out and experienced lawyers striking out on their own. Robin can come in and assess your needs and then fully set you up , from accounting software, LSUC compliance, and staff needs, including training for you and new staff.

Amanda Salama

is an experienced law clerk with over 20 years in providing corporate law clerk services in the fields of corporate and business law, tax and estate planning including corporate and tax reorganizations, incorporations, amalgamations, dissolutions and ongoing corporate maintenance.  Amanda also has years of experience in assisting and managing small size firms, new lawyers just starting out, experienced lawyers striving to make it on their own, staffing and office management.  She has participated in various continuing legal education seminars and courses, as well as paralegal conferences. Amanda is also a Commissioner for taking affidavits

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